National Improve Your Office Day

Today, October 4th, is Improve Your Office Day! This is a day where you take the time to improve your office, wherever that may be, in some way. That could be by decluttering, decorating, or improving communication among colleagues. Improve Your Office Day is meant to promote a positive work environment.

As a cluttered space causes a cluttered mind, decluttering and creating space at your desk causes productivity in the office. Here are some easy steps to follow when decluttering your office space according to National Today:

  1. Take everything out of your desk.
  2. Determine what you need to keep. Throw the rest away.
  3. Reorganize everything you’re keeping in drawers and shelves.
  4. Wipe down all surfaces (desk, laptop, phone, etc.)

On this day, it is also encouraged to find ways to improve your performance. Some ways to do so are by eliminating distractions, setting clear goals, and prioritizing your strengths over your weaknesses.

You can also improve your office by adding plants, adjusting the lighting, changing the layout, and so much more. In fact, writer Carla Davis states that natural light from windows not only boosts productivity, but also releases serotonin, the hormone that makes you feel happy. Editor Igor Branchi also says that exposure to plants can improve mood, reduce stress, and detoxify office air.

Another way to improve the office space is by bettering the communication between colleagues. As suggested by Atlassian, the following are tips to keep in mind when communicating with others within the workspace:

  1. Ask open-ended questions and be sure you have all the information needed before offering an opinion.
  2. Practice active listening. Pay attention to what you are being told, how it is being said, and what is being implied.
  3. When speaking to others, think about what they want and need from you and place that of higher importance than what you want and need from them.

Small team bonding events can also improve the office dynamic. For example, last week, we at Staff Management came together for an End of Summer yacht party that welcomed new faces into the company and brought familiar faces even closer.

A site called Days of the Year highlights that being in a positive environment makes it easier for one to go about their daily tasks. Improve Your Office Day is a perfect excuse to emphasize the importance of working in an uplifting setting. Having a dedicated day for decluttering helps make time for those who are so overwhelmed with work that they cannot find the time without having to set a date aside.

Improve Your Office Day being a holiday does not mean that you need to make a grand gesture to turn around the office; small changes are just as effective. This holiday encourages all workers around the world to change just one thing about your workspace today.

Fun Fact: Offices were invented by medieval monks as a place to concentrate when writing. It mimicked the present-day cubicle.

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