Customized Approach

Staff Management provides our clients with customized staffing programs based on their particular needs. Staff Management strives to know and understand our client's core business to better serve each individual customer. To help us better understand our client base, we focus exclusively on the Light Industrial (Manufacturing, Distribution, Production and Assembly) market. By properly defining our niche market and customer base, Staff Management can provide the necessary management resources to partner with our clients for all their staffing needs.

Knowing Our Market

There are several points that distinguish us in our market. These include:

  • Our commitment to focus exclusively on the recruitment and placement of light industrial and clerical personnel
  • Our branch locations are conveniently situated in communities where the largest workforce population resides
  • Our transportation infrastructure allows us to recruit qualified workers who currently lack the means to get to work. Staff Management will transport these employees to their work assignments at no additional cost to our clients.
  • We are available 24 hrs/day, 7 days/week to properly service our customer base.

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Time & Attendance

Staff Management will install a Time and Attendance System, NovaTime, in our client location(s) to record the time and attendance for payroll purposes for our entire temporary workforce

  • Staff Management's On-Site Administrators will coordinate and manage all activities associated with Staff Management's time and attendance functions.
  • Our On-Site Administrator will manage and distribute swipe badge ID cards for the proper recording of time and attendance. Biometric hand scanners are also available to register hours worked.
  • The Staff Management's On-Site Administrator(s) will distribute paychecks at our client facility each Friday.
  • Staff Management's On-Site Administrator can distribute invoices for processing to our clients. Invoices can be e-mailed, mailed or delivered to your accounts payable department.
  • At clients with less staffing volume, Staff Management can record time and attendance via time punch clocks or written group time sheets.

Transportation Infastructure

Staff Management subcontracts with DOT certified transportation companies that provide a fleet of 15 passenger vans and buses to successfully transport our workforce.

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Safety Management

Staff Management takes a leading, proactive role to promote and assure safe working conditions. Having a designated Safety Management team helps us to promote safety awareness. Our management team and support staff participates in continuous safety and health program activities.

  • Workplace safety, health education and training
  • Review and updating workplace safety
  • Review of worksites
  • Accident Prevention and Reporting
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Care and Maintenance of Equipment
  • Disciplinary Procedures
  • Forklift Safety & Certification
  • Safe Lifting Procedures
  • GMP's (Good Manufacturing Practices)

On-site Management

Staff Management offers on-site management services to our large volume customers. We will manage our entire temporary workforce at your facility at no additional cost to our client. Some key areas that we oversee:

  • Coordinate Employee Check In/Check Out
  • Conduct Employee Orientations
  • Management of Safety Equipment Distribution (PPE)
  • Maintain Time and Attendance System
  • Management of all Time Card/Paycheck Procedures
  • Management and Distribution of Billing and Invoices
  • Administer Safety Program Incentives for Staff Management Personnel
  • Monitor Employee Performance with Input from Management
  • Administer Forklift Certifications and Testing
  • Worker's Compensation Claims Administration

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