The Value of Veterans in the Workplace

With Memorial Day near, we at Staff Management want to emphasize the importance of supporting and hiring veterans in the workplace. Using insights from ADP’s Inclusion Summit, let’s explore the value and different strategies for employers to effectively support veterans.

Veterans bring diverse skill sets acquired through military training, including leadership, problem-solving, adaptability, and teamwork. Their strong work ethic, marked by discipline and dedication, inspires colleagues and positively impacts team dynamics.

Military experience fosters exceptional leadership abilities, contributing to positive work cultures. Veterans’ resilience and adaptability enable them to thrive in dynamic environments, handling change effectively. They excel in teamwork, building relationships, and collaborating with diverse teams.

It is important for employers to establish Veteran Resource Groups (VRGs) to provide a supportive community, networking opportunities, mentorship, and resources tailored to veterans’ needs. They should also offer training programs addressing challenges veterans face and promoting understanding of military culture.

Supporting veterans by collaborating with military transition programs provides career counseling, job placement assistance, and skills translation. Employers can also recognize veterans’ contributions through events, designated spaces, and flexibility for reservist employees as well as implement mentorship programs and offer career development opportunities.

ADP’s Inclusion Summit highlighted the value veterans bring to the workplace. By supporting veterans’ integration and success through VRGs, training programs, partnerships, recognition, and mentorship, employers can create inclusive environments that harness their unique skills and experiences. Embracing the strengths of veterans fosters a diverse and thriving workforce.

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