New Year’s Resolution to Find a Job

Are you going into 2023 in search of a new job? Here are a few resolutions Staff Management suggests keeping in mind for the New Year.

Research various job descriptions for the career you desire. Write down the skills you come across that you lack and take the time to learn these skills going into the new year.

An important skill to develop in 2023 is networking, in person and digitally.

Networking is essentially building and maintaining relationships with people you can turn to for support. With networking, it’s best to start by putting effort into your current relationships, social and professional. Doing so not only gives you a good foundation to start out with, but you also get practice with people you are already familiar with before you decide to branch out.

When branching out, whether it’s face-to-face or via email, have an elevator pitch prepared. An elevator pitch briefly states who you are, summarizes what you do, and explains what you desire.

Be intentional with your networking. According to Helen Tupper and Sarah Ellis, it is crucial to have people in your network who serve three select areas of yourself:  your current role, your future career plans, and your personal growth. Once you find these people, make sure you enjoy their company and that they enjoy yours to ensure easy and pleasant relationships.

Utilize social media. LinkedIn is a great tool to use professionally for staying in touch with your current connections and for making new ones.

Keep in mind that when you reach out to someone via social media, the first thing they are going to do is look at your profile. For this reason, you must keep your profile up to date. Be sure to have your current employer included and show signs of activity. The activity should be professional and relevant to what you look to accomplish through networking.

Finally, do not be afraid to ask for advice! All those employed were once in your position searching for a job, too. The people in your network should understand how useful some insight from them can be to you during your job hunt.

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