Meta is Shutting Down Facebook Jobs

Meta announced in December that “Jobs on Facebook” is officially shutting down in the United States on February 22nd, 2023. The announcement comes a year after the company shut down its job function internationally – leaving it only operational in the U.S.

The social media giant said: “Jobs on Facebook will no longer be available on the Facebook app, Facebook mobile website ( or Facebook desktop site for both employers and seekers. Lastly, all existing groups in the ‘Jobs’ category would be changed to ‘General’.”

Even though Facebook was not traditionally known as a digital place to network and find a job, like LinkedIn, many companies found success in receiving many applicants for their Facebook jobs.

With its 2.96 billion active users, Facebook jobs quickly became the most significant space for advertising your job openings when it was introduced in 2017. However, as ProductMint describes:  

“Facebook would face one problem right from the start: the willingness of people to share their lives with prospective employers. In the past, people had been released from their job due to content they shared on social platforms such as Facebook. As a result, they could be less inclined to apply for a job – or at the very least needed to polish their profiles to make them more presentable to employers.”

Viktor Hendelmann - ProductMint

Throughout its six-year history, Jobs on Facebook helped many employees and employers. However, the constant change of worldwide advertising guidelines made it difficult for Facebook to justify keeping this feature.

Thankfully there are many other options and websites for employers to advertise their current openings. And also, many places those looking for work can go to showcase their skills for that perfect job opening.

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