Looking for work in 2022? Here's what you need to do:

We all know the world changed in 2020. But one thing hasn’t: we still need to work! How can you adapt to those changes and still land your dream job? Don’t worry! We’ve prepared three simple but essential tips for you to do if you’re on the job hunt!

1) Diversify your Job Search Options

We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel here; this vital step is simple: don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! Companies looking to hire are constantly testing different websites to post their open positions.

Indeed is the current job search giant, but have you also looked for work on Zip Recruiter? Talent.com? Career Builder? LinkedIn? Monster? SimplyHired? Google? Facebook? And many more!

It will be time-consuming at first, but it’s worth setting up an account for each one. Familiarize yourself with each site’s dashboard and check if the offered jobs are what you’ll be a good fit for.


2) Create Job Alerts

You can go the “old-style way” and scroll through many online pages, even after you filtered to what you’re looking for. Then the next day, do it all over it again because of newly added jobs. Or you can set up job alerts!

We are a generation that loves automation! Why not use innovative and intuitive technology in our job search as well? After you’ve set up your account to the various job search sites, utilize their tools to set up job alerts.

It can be via email or text but let the technology do the work for you. While you work on improving your resume or making a nice meal, get notifications for any new job posted that you should apply for.

Once you receive the notifications to apply, you open your phone, but the application requires a resume or even a cover letter. This is when tip number three plays an important role:


3) Have your Resume Saved on your phone

In today’s job-hunting world, chances are you will search for work on your phone, you will receive your text or email alert on your phone, and you will start an application on your phone!

Make sure your resume is formatted and saved on your device – making your job applying process a lot faster and easier.

We hope these three simple tips can help you in your job search.

Here’s an insider’s point of view: companies are also struggling to find the perfect candidate to fill their open positions. Follow these steps, make yourself stand out for recruiters and hiring managers!

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