How to Show Gratitude in the Workplace

It is the season of giving, and Staff Management wants to share ways in which you can show gratitude within the workplace!

People at work don’t regularly express their gratitude for one another. Their mindset tends to be that they are there to do a paid job, and their “thanks” is a paycheck. Studies show that workspaces, where everyone’s salary is at least $150 thousand/year, demonstrate a more regular expression of gratitude.

Here are 4 ways simple tips to show gratitude at your job:

1) One way to show gratitude at work is through words of affirmation. Acknowledge someone who has done something that you appreciate. It is essential to be specific, as this indicates that you pay attention and are genuine.


2) Another simple way to show gratitude that is often overlooked is undivided attention. When speaking with another person at the workplace, whether in a meeting, on the phone, or in the breakroom, always give your full, undivided attention. Doing so lets them know that you care and value their time.


3) An easy way to express gratitude is by endorsing colleagues’ skills on LinkedIn. All you need to do is search for their profile, scroll down to see their skills, and endorse them! This small act of kindness is beneficial because if this colleague were to seek another place of work, those extra endorsements would make them more valuable candidates for recruiters.


4) To express gratitude at work, the office can create a bulletin board dedicated to staff shoutouts. It can be fun and interactive to encourage more people to partake. You can use this bulletin board to write on a sticky note, “Shout out to Jess for making the coffee every morning,” for example.


5) If you are in a position to do so, don’t wait for the holiday season for gifts! Gifts are an excellent way to show colleagues you’re grateful. Some gifts can be breakfast for the office, covering the cost of lunch, $5-10 gift cards, or allowing everyone to go home early.

“The greater the number of gratitude experiences people had on a given day, the better they felt. People who kept at it for at least two weeks showed significantly increased happiness, greater satisfaction with life, and higher stress resilience; this group reported fewer headaches and illnesses.”

Emiliana Simon Thomas - Greater Good Science Center Science Director

Even science tells us that showing gratitude is essential in the workplace. So remember, we don’t only do our jobs to get a paycheck at the end of the week. We also work to gain respect, achievements, and purpose. An expression of gratitude is a great way to start.

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